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Delayed Flight to Creativity

"Vintage" - River Street - Savannah, Georgia - © Gary Hilborn


Here I am on a plane to Savannah, Georgia. Well, the ultimate destination is Hilton Head, South Carolina, but United Airlines has agreed to take me only as far as Savannah. Dana will have to get me the rest of the way.

I've been trying to steal some time to write in an overpacked schedule, and this couple of hours in the air is an ideal opportunity. I've also been itching to try out my mobile writing setup - an iPad mini and a bluetooth keyboard. The latter of which is a nifty piece of portable tech that was a gift from Dana last summer (just around this time as a matter of fact). He gave it to me in conjunction with Final Draft, and...well...I really just started using them both.

I'm sitting here smiling at how incredibly thoughtful Dana is when it comes to the gift department. I always seem to come up short in that respect. For Valentine's Day last year, he gave me a guitar tuner, new strings, and a first lesson at the renowned Rivington Guitars. This was after he'd heard me mention how much I'd like to learn to play with the old Yamaha Red Label my dad gave me all those years ago.

I went to that first lesson, but I don't think I've picked up the guitar since. He didn't make me feel bad about it, though. I even remarked to him that I was carrying some guilt for not pursuing the very thing I'd asked for and genuinely believed I'd wanted at the time. He just smiled and said, "Baby, you don't have to feel bad about that. You didn't know that's not what you wanted to do until you tried." That was awfully generous of him from start to finish.

Then, when August rolled around, he surprised me on my birthday with this Logitech keyboard and a paid-in-full version of Final Draft 9.0. He'd heard me say Final Draft was the only thing I needed to get my detective story from Point A (my imagination) to Point B (widespread success and acclaim) and the keyboard would make it easier for me to write said story on the go. By the way, if I ever find myself thinking this man is not supportive of my dreams and artistic pursuits I hope at least one of you reminds me of these acts of thoughtfulness and generosity.

I must say I was concerned this gift would go the way of the guitar supplies - collecting dust in the corner of my one-bedroom, Harlem apartment. In fact, they did just that for about six months. But right around February of this year something changed in me; Gary got his creative groove back. So here I am on a significantly delayed flight to Savannah, Georgia to meet the man who bought me the keys upon which I type, and who is also patiently waiting to pick me up and drive me to his mom and dad's condo on the beach.

The plane has started its initial descent, and my ears need popping, so that's my cue to pack away my toys. But this has been a delightful little experiment, and I doubt I'll now be traveling anywhere without these little, black keys and my iPad mini. I have a lot more to say, and we're only getting started.


featured photo credit: "Vintage" by Gary Hilborn. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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