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I hit a wall. I dropped the ball. I ran out of steam. I choked. We can euphemize the situation any old way you like. But the truth is simply this: I didn't do what I set out to do. I didn't hold my feet to the fire. I didn't push through the mental resistance and deliver even though I wasn't feeling it. I let myself lose some momentum, and now I’ve been struggling a bit to get it back.

You see, when I launched this blog in mid-December I set a goal to publish a post a week. And (with the exception of our vacation time in Mexico) I’d done just that...until fourteen days ago. I’m experiencing a block, and I’m trying to suss out its cause. So, dear reader and friend, I hope you’ll forgive this week’s brief entry while I figure out where I’m heading with my writing.

This year of creativity I’ve set up for myself is turning into quite the journey of self-discovery. I’m learning a great deal about who I am as a person and an artist. Not meeting this goal has left me frustrated and even a little depressed on the matter. It’s not an all-encompassing depression - just an artistic one. But I’m hoping that by sharing this, I may exorcise some demons of stagnation and recapture the eye of my muse.

Until next week, friends. Until next week...

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